Sydney McCraner

This is getting old, fast

by Sydney McCraner / June 22, 2021 /

You know what I mean. The P word.


We’ve been on a hell of a ride over the past year or so. One of the side effects you may have seen is a drop in your team’s motivation levels.

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That was a disaster

by Jonathan "JB" Bowen / June 17, 2021 /

We’ve all been there.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief at the end of a nightmare day. Or week.Because in real life, disasters happen occasionally.

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Matt Anders

Size Matters

by Matt Anders / June 15, 2021 /

Sorry, but it’s true. Size really does matter.

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Jon Wright

Lessons Learned from an Oil Pipeline Ransomware Attack

by Jon Wright / June 10, 2021 /

Your business may not be supplying oil to the United States, and you may not even be in the critical infrastructure business, but don’t think that means ransomware can’t happen to you, too. This article shares lessons learned from a..

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Shawn Johnson

What to Do If You’re a Ransomware Victim

by Shawn Johnson / June 8, 2021 /

You’ll know if you’re a victim of ransomware. Often you’re met with a red screen telling you your business files are encrypted. You won’t be able to do anything on the computer, although the cybercriminals will provide helpful instructions for..

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Jon Wright

Don’t change your password

by Jon Wright / June 3, 2021 /

Back in the day, the advice was to change your password often.That’s now bad advice.Because cyber security threats are a lot worse today than they’ve ever been.

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Jon Wright

Two Ears

by Jon Wright / June 1, 2021 /

When we start working with a new client, we don’t just deal with the decision maker.

We try to talk to as many of the staff as possible. To ask them open questions about their work and how they use their technology.

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Shawn Johnson

The API opportunity

by Shawn Johnson / May 27, 2021 /

Did you know that much of your software can talk to other software?

There’s a standard called an API. I won’t bore you with what the acronym stands for. Just understand it’s really easy for one piece of software to share information with another..

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Devin Atkins

Bad Habits

by Devin Atkins / May 25, 2021 /

Biting your nails.Snacking on candy.Staying up for “just one more episode” when you’re already tired.All bad habits. And there are work ones too.

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Zach Thomas

This completely ruins your day

by Zach Thomas / May 20, 2021 /

Everything can grind to a halt when your technology breaks down.

Clients can’t get in touch, orders can’t be placed, the phones stop working, emails start piling up, the coffee machine stops flowing...

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