Howard Hoover

Howard joined IT Indianapolis in June 2021 and brings 8 years of prior experience in Managed Services. He began his IT career managing CAD workstations for a manufacturing company then expanded into server administration and later application support. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf when the weather is warm or bowling during the winter months.

Howard Hoover

Delivering SMS “Smishing” Scams

by Howard Hoover / October 12, 2021 /

Smishing is high up on the list of words that do not sound as intimidating or threatening as they should. Smashing the word fishing together with the “SM” for short messaging service (aka text), smishing is a cyberscam.

Especially with online..

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Howard Hoover

Windows 11 Is Coming: Should You Upgrade?

by Howard Hoover / August 12, 2021 /

Microsoft’s next version of Windows is being rolled out this year, and businesses are now wondering if the upgrade is right for their needs. This article looks at the changes and helps you weigh up your options.

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