Simon Pachciarz

Simon graduated from Ball State University in May 2020 and started working with IT Indianapolis in August later that year. During his studies, he enjoyed exploring technology and learning about the many ways it can make people's lives easier. He is eager to continue his build upon his knowledge of technology and use it to help clients have the best service possible.

Simon Pachciarz

Why You Need to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

by Simon Pachciarz / February 25, 2021 /

All good things must come to an end – it’s inevitable with computer software. If you’re using Adobe Flash, the day has arrived. It’s time to uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player on December 31, 2020. What does this..

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Simon Pachciarz

Facing the Five Top Cloud Computing Fears

by Simon Pachciarz / November 18, 2020 /

The public cloud service market is growing. Software, infrastructure, desktop, and other service numbers are all on the rise. Yet some businesses are still holding back from migrating to the cloud. This article addresses common resistance to..

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