Sydney McCraner

Syd joined IT Indianapolis in 2021 after earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from WGU. Previously he has worked in manufacturing and the Army National Guard, and became interested in the IT field while working on Army computer systems. In his free time Syd enjoys playing video games, watching films/tv, playing guitar, and tabletop RPGs.

Sydney McCraner

What’s the plan?

by Sydney McCraner / June 24, 2021 /

You’ve got a plan, right?

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Sydney McCraner

This is getting old, fast

by Sydney McCraner / June 22, 2021 /

You know what I mean. The P word.


We’ve been on a hell of a ride over the past year or so. One of the side effects you may have seen is a drop in your team’s motivation levels.

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Sydney McCraner

40 mins. Angry. Listening to this

by Sydney McCraner / April 27, 2021 /

Customer service can make or break your relationship with a business.The other day, someone I know had to contact their bank about an issue with online banking.After navigating an automated menu that couldn’t understand his voice, he sat on hold..

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Sydney McCraner

They’re waiting…

by Sydney McCraner / February 11, 2021 /

The bad guys.

The hackers.

Sitting in their criminal lair. Wearing hoodies. Surrounded by multiple screens streaming data (just like in The Matrix). Constantly looking for secret back doors into IT systems all over the world.

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