Introducing IT Indianapolis

Introducing IT Indianapolis


It’s our pleasure to introduce to you a new business division devoted to serving small and medium sized business in the greater Indianapolis area!  The new division will zero in with laser-like focus on offering innovative, proactive technology services. You might already be aware we’ve been offering these services under the Geek Brigade brand since 2010. Geek Brigade will continue to exist. Going forward though, it will only be the “residential services arm” of IT Indianapolis. There is no change in ownership or management, and no change to pricing or services.

 We’ve been giving careful thought to how IT Indianapolis should serve small businesses.  These are some of the principles we’ll hold true to:

  1.  We’ll make sure the specific knowledge required to effectively maintain our clients’ business networks is organizational.  We just can’t accept that the intricacies of your network might be known by only one person.  You shouldn’t either.
  2. We’ll help business owners evaluate technology initiatives based on their specific risk, and their bottom line.  No one size fits all solutions.
  3. We’ll align ourselves with each client as it relates to their technology objectives.  If they don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.
  4. We’ll proactively monitor technology infrastructure on a minute-by-minute basis in order to remediate issues before they cause downtime and loss of productivity.

 We believe our existing small business clients will notice a significant improvement in our service as we grow.  We have already begun building out the depth of our team in order to facilitate this.  Click here to meet our newest staff members.  Each staff member we’ve hired brings knowledge and experience that will enhance our ability to meet our clients’ needs.  We’re excited about our growth and how it will enable us to offer better service, more efficiently.

 Thanks for being on this ride with us!  If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact for here to let us know.

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