Let’s Make Ctrl+S History

Let’s Make Ctrl+S History


If you’re a ‘mature’ user of computers, you probably still have Ctrl+S baked into your left hand’s muscle memory.

And you bang the combination into your keyboard to save your document after every little change. Probably without even thinking about it.

I have a declaration to make: We have a duty to remove this autonomic twitch from future generations. Or, put another way…


Together, we can make Ctrl+S history.

When you use Microsoft Office with OneDrive, or Google Docs through your web browser, your work is automatically saved every few seconds.

It’ll give you a full version history too. So, if you get yourself into trouble or go down the wrong path, you can travel back in time to restore a previous version of your work. No more having to press Ctrl+S, means no more risk of losing work.

And… relax…

Get your left hand back. Let’s get you set up with the modern way to create documents. Give us a call at 317-497-5500.

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