Kyle Schroeder

Travel with Your Tech: What You Need to Know

by Kyle Schroeder / January 3, 2018 / Latest News

Taking a business trip can be stressful at the best of times.  Whether you’re off for an overnight conference, a week’s partnership or a longer project, you essentially pick up your entire business and take it on the road. Besides showing up in..

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Why Your Firewall Will Never Be Enough

by Ashley Riner / December 13, 2017 / Latest News

Firewalls are a well-known security essential, and we’re certainly big fans, but did you know a firewall alone is not enough to keep your business safe? It’s true. It’s like building a fence around your house to keep the burglars out: You feel..

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Andy Mudd

What to Do if Your Hard Drive Fails

by Andy Mudd / December 6, 2017 / Latest News

If your hard drive is going bad, chances are strange things are happening and you’re a little panicked. It’s where you put your digital memories, your household files and maybe that thesis you’ve been working on for months. As far as you’re..

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Elizabeth Myers

How to Protect Your Business from the Piracy Police

by Elizabeth Myers / November 29, 2017 / Latest News

It may not get the same attention as the number of illegal Game of Thrones downloads, but software piracy still isn’t something your business can take lightly. In fact, one little slip can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars in fines,..

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Elizabeth Myers

How to Stop Your Business Becoming a Victim of Social Engineering

by Elizabeth Myers / November 15, 2017 / Latest News

You can have top-notch security in place but there is still one danger: social engineering. It’s the old kid on the block, but most of us have never heard of it.  Perhaps the more familiar term is ‘con’:  the art of manipulating people to take..

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Denny Poynter

Denny Poynter | Director of Marketing, Tharp Realty Group

by Denny Poynter / November 13, 2017 / Testimonials

We have worked with IT Indianapolis for over four years. They have efficiently and effectively taken over managing all of our IT resources - no inside IT people for us anymore. Additionally, they have created our website and online presence...

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Jon Wright

How to Search Google Safely

by Jon Wright / November 8, 2017 / Latest News

We all love our Google, quickly finding everything we need on the Internet. It’s replaced dictionaries, encyclopedias, instruction manuals, newspapers and in many cases, even doctors. However, sometimes your search results aren’t the real thing..

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Keep Up to Date by Outsourcing

by Jonathan "JB" Bowen / November 1, 2017 / Latest News

Updating your business software is one of your best protections against cyber-attack, but actually going through and running the updates is a task that often gets overlooked. Either they take too long, they pop up at inconvenient times, or you..

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Steve Weigle

3 Tech Tips to Make You a Better Business Owner

by Steve Weigle / October 18, 2017 / Latest News

There’s no doubt about it, business can be tough! You’re juggling employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders…the list is endless. You’re also operating in a competitive, high-tech economy that keeps trying to speed ahead without you. It’s no..

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Kyle Schroeder

Your Wi-Fi Is Vulnerable to Attack—Update Your Devices to Fix It

by Kyle Schroeder / October 17, 2017 / Latest News

A serious Wi-Fi vulnerability was revealed yesterday today, affecting nearly every Wi-Fi network and device using WPA or WPA2 security encryption. The Wi-Fi exploit, first reported by Ars Technica, takes advantage of a particular security flaw in..

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