Josh Mann

Josh Mann bio
Josh Mann
Senior Systems Administrator
Favorite Movie

Kung Fu Hustle

Favorite Project

I migrated 75+ phones from 8+ locations from an existing legacy system to a VoIP solution. We started from scratch and had to build the network and phone system from the ground up.

Favorite Quote

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."

Favorite Charity

Josh started with IT Indianapolis in June of 2021.  Josh has been in the IT industry for 15 years, mostly in a healthcare setting for a managed healthcare provider. There, Josh ensured his company met HIPAA compliance standards and managed 500+ users across 15+ locations. In his spare time, Josh enjoys going to pub trivia, movies, gaming and traveling.

Josh's Certifications

  • Southern Illinois University BS in Information Systems and Technologies
  • A+
  • Net+

Josh's Specialties

  • Networking
  • VoIP
  • Desktop/Server Administration
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